How to run PS4 Jailbreak 9.00 full guide with GoldHen Payload.

People who are new to the PS4 scene and joining us on their shiny 9am PS4 seem a bit confused about how to run the 9am PS4 jailbreak and especially how to insert the payload. Here is a complete guide on how to Jailbreak PS4 9.00, from start to finish.

1.Upgrade your PS4 to 9.00 firmware.

First, if your PS4 is not running firmware 9.00, you may want to upgrade to that firmware. Check out our FAQ here to see if you want to upgrade or not, and once you’ve decided you can upgrade to 9.00 by following our guide here.

2. Prepare your USB pendrive.

The PS4 9.00 jailbreak requires the exploit part to be inserted from a specially crafted USB stick. You’ll need a dedicated USB stick for this, which will be required every time you run from the console, so use the one you don’t need for anything else. You don’t need anything big, the image you copy there is 4MB.

  1. Download the exfathax.img thish file from the github website.
  2. then second work in Plug your USB pendrive into your pc. You do not need to format that usb.
  3. then Download and install tool to write the .img file in to your usb pendrive, such as Win32 Disk Manager
  4. then Write the .img file in you just downloaded onto your USB pendrive. See the screenshot from the Jailbreak’s github for reference see below image:

3. third Note your PS4 IP Address because PS4 jailbreak

You will need to know your PS4 console IP add. in order to send payload to it. Before starting the Jailbreak process that step must do it, go and note down your playStation IP add.:

  1. Note down your PS4 console IP address in Settings > Network > View Connection Status.

4. Run the Jailbreak on your console because PS4 jailbreak

With your PS4 running firmware 9.00 and magic USB stick in hand, let’s move on to actually running the exploit.

point your PS4 browser to any trusted host that has the exploit. This can be a local server that you set up yourself in to your console (you will need to put the files from the Jailbreak in ther) other public host…, 2 popular ones are:

3.If the first[1] step of the explot is works, then you’ll see a message asking to you insert the USB pendrive.

4. then Go to plug the usb pendrive note :: do’nt click the “ok” button of the open dialog box. then message Showing in your console “This USB Device Storage’s file system is unsupported” then you should pop up on the upper left of your console screen….

5. then After that messages have appeared, go and click “ok” button in dialog box. Your console in now seeing a message ‘Awaiting payload’.

6. then Your console is now Jailbroken is ready.then Remove the usb pendrive from your PS4 console.

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